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    Elen Rees

    PS Everest whiskey may not work

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    Elen Rees

    men: Steve w, Sean, john m, Gordon t, leon, Andrew, Paul, mike d, Russ, kill.

    Women: Chris K, Marian, Ali, Josie, Sue W, Vandal , . Gemma

    the men’s spaces are full and we have been given two extra women spaces, Gemma has taken one of these and there is one spare.

    potentially we can get more if a kindred club member books extra places, but will leave that to a Chris to coordinate. she will let you know all you need to know.

    For these who don’t know, men and women dorms are separate in FRCC huts. they are also a very particular club. The place is to kept tidy, no music or radios allowed . Before you go out in the morning all washing up must be done, dried and put away. Not too much noise either..
    Sorry to be so particular but a friend of mine got suspended for a year for taking a noisy/rude group and someone else got similar for not doing their washing up before they left to go climbing.
    I am not too worried as you are a lovely bunch. The best FRCC members can be bribed with whiskey. Enjoy yourselves!

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    Elen Rees

    Mountain bike

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    Elen Rees

    Mountain bike

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    Elen Rees

    Remember to submit a presidential challenges for Andrew to complete next year.

    All challenges should be sent to Ali before the 28th November, the challenges will be chosen at the dinner

    As an example I will challenge Andrew to cycle the Tour de Peak District. A 155 mile route taking the nicest way closest to the edge of the Peak District. Either in one go or over separate days .www.peakimages.co.uk/cycling/tour-de-peak-district/

    In brief:
    anyone submitting the challenge must be willing to do the challenge with Andrew
    the cost of the challenge shouldn’t be prohibitive (unless the challenger is paying)
    challenges should probably be legal, decent, moral and safe –
    He has agreed to do up to five minor challenges which will be chosen for him by Ali
    He will also do (at least) one major challenge which he will chose.

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    Elen Rees

    I suggest that the cycle ride begins at 10.30 at Hannah’s sculpture garden. This way I leave where to park to you. Options are the free car park in Eyam, somewhere around Stoney and Horseshoe Quarry area, giving you a bit of a grind up to Eyam , either up main road or the back track from Stoney Village. Best bet is on the B6521 from Grindleford. I think there is parking just by the blocked off bit and maybe before. This will save a hill climb. The road is easily passable by bike . Maybe car share is an idea. So far: Linda, David ( leaving later), Mike D and Dave C from Sheffield and Dick, and maybe Lin from Chessie.
    Why is nothing easy!. Thanks Dick, Paul and Steve for info.

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    Elen Rees

    Hello Dave
    Good idea re the climb on Fri eve, but I doubt Bill and I will be down in time. Below is info from the campsite. Croissants with my morning coffee sound just perfect.

    Not long now before you come to us this weekend. The weather forecast is looking good!
    We’re all looking forward to welcoming you to Nicholaston Farm Camping on Gower and hope your journey goes without difficulty. We don’t know of anything that’s likely to disrupt your run down at the moment; just the usual traffic problems particularly if you’re coming Friday afternoon.
    When you get here we’ll get you checked in and pitched as quickly as we can. Here are a few tips to make your arrival and check-in go as smoothly as possible:
    • SatNav is good, but not infallible! If you haven’t stayed with us before please be aware that right at the end of your journey your SatNav will probably tell you to turn right off the A4118 – please don’t do that. The correct instruction would be to turn left (look for our signs) and this will bring you directly into the site.
    • On arrival please come into our reception. We will need:
    • your vehicle registration number, and
    • a £10 cash deposit for your field barrier key fob that enables you to get your vehicle into and out of your field.

    A couple of other things you may wish to consider:
    • We offer bacon, sausage or egg sandwiches to eat in or takeaway until 11:30am.
    • Bread, Croissants and Pain-au-Chocolats are baked freshly every morning from 8:00am.
    • We offer purchase with cashback on debit card payments – minimum purchase £5. (The nearest free-to-use ATM to us is 7 miles away).

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    Elen Rees

    Meet report.
    A mixed day of enormous effort and some chilled relaxation on a very hot day.

    The prize for effort goes to Linda and David who climbed 10 climbs, the initial letter of the climbs spelling out Tickety Boo. They also wore bikini bottoms on their heads. Strangely Julian was not too embarrassed to climb with them. They were joined by another super duo Kari and Dawn who cycled, swam and climbed (7 routes I think). This team surely won for their massive effort. They were joined by silent partner Charles.

    A mixed team of cyclists, walkers, swimmers and a climber, Chris, Bill, Marianne, Marian and Sean probably got more on points, but the scoring system was so (deliberately) complicated it was impossible to tell.

    Andrew and Ali brought along Lisa (fresh blood) and did good too, cycling and leading a breakaway swimming group to the lovely Barbrook Reservoir .

    An evening BBQ where I failed at trying to engineer equal points for all, but John saved the day with his quick quiz where Charles showed his knowledge of Mountains. Then a quick round of stick the blood clot on the tick (Sean was best) before bed.

    Big thanks to Kathy and John for tent and tea and all things practical , Mary for the bike ride plans and tick sheets, and Vanda and Paul for the loan of the gas bbq.

    Thank you everyone for taking part and a great social, Chris I hope you haven’t suffered after your impromptu dip into Burbage brook

    Big PS. Ali launched the Presidential Challenge. More later.

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    Elen Rees

    Cumulative totals

    So far along with the cycling and the walking at Tick Fest we have had some other contributions to the total walked, climbed, cycled.

    Gemma ran as part of a team in a 125 mile race. She ran 35 miles, had three hours sleep and ate her body weight in food.

    Pete did the Welsh 3000ers. Climbing 14 peaks over 900m and covering 33miles.

    Andy and Rosie (see above) .

    Tina also went for a cycle ride on Saturday.

    Bill said that the Sunday Climbers climbed 312m of climbs .

    So without the totals for Saturday’s climbing and Sunday’s walking – and any other contributions – the totals stand at:

    Climbing 312m Target 501
    Walking 128 miles . Target 51
    Cycling – 140 miles. Target 151

    This excludes Andy, Rosie and Pete’s ascents

    You stars.

    in reply to: Tick Fest – Sat 30th June #12237

    Elen Rees

    Yes – organise into teams at 10.00am would be good . Although I cant guarantee everyone will be as energetic as you. There will be extra ticks for people who do all four activities.
    Yes swim training session counts as extra, but you may be deducted points for not BBQing (that’ll be a matter for a judge’ s huddle) . See you Saturday

    Everyone – As well as items already mentioned, It may be an idea to bring:
    A chair for the BBQ
    Something to write with
    Something to take photos with
    If that same something takes sound recordings then that’s good too
    A Map of the area taking in North Lees, Stanage, Burbage Valley and Hathersage.

    Other things:
    Back at campsite for 5,30 – otherwise ticks will be removed
    Charles is coming for BBQ only – others also welcome to join.
    Parking for those not staying is at the Stanage Plantation car park (by the loos). There is a footpath cut through back down to the campsite. Follow the path down to North Lees then go though a small gate marked private into a wood and follow path.

    See you then.

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    Elen Rees

    Re Culmulative totals

    As I am in awe of Gemma’s plans for the weekend, I have unilaterally decided to extend the culmulative walking and cycling miles and climbing metres until end of play until close of play Sunday. .Let me know on Monday
    51 miles of walking , 151 miles of cycling and 501metres of climbing. With Gemma, Dovestones Tor and Sean’s walk, the climbing and the walking are probably sorted.

    All miles and meters can be done anywhere in the world.

    Good Luck Gemma, send us your miles and we will forward you some ticks!! (Kial, can you pass the message on!)

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    Elen Rees

    Sat night camping
    the activities will finish off at North Lees campsite from about 5pm. We are not allowed charcoal bbq so I suppose gas fired ones are good. Bring food to share and evidence of your doings.

    We have only one pitch, I have booked for 8 people. Non overnighting people are very welcome to come for the shared meal and prize-giving but the campsite has asked non stayers not to park at the campsite (there is parking by the public loos up the hill) and also to put a donation in the Mend Our Mountains collection tin in the campsite. I also said that the revelry will be over by c 8.30-9pm..

    Motor homes and caravans are not allowed and campervans need to park away from the camping area. We have one large party tent, a gas bbq and some double burners. To help plan, please can you text / email me if you think you are coming and if you would like to stay. Owners of gas BBqs are extra welcome.

    We might try and set up a slack line and there may be some other games which don’t involve falling off anything .

    07411 282 370

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    Elen Rees

    The organised walking element of the day will start from Stanage Plantation. It will be around 5-6 miles along Stanage Edge and Burbage Valley and finishing at North Lees campsite . Ticks will be awarded for each mile walked, along the way there will be things to spot giving you extra ticks. Anyone coming back with their own live tick will get a massive number of bonus ticks.* The. walk will be suitable for all, especially when I devise a Burbage Brook bypass

    The walk info will be available from mid day, but anyone leaving at 12 noon on the dot will be docked points for shunning the group picnic which will start at around 12 and will go on for as long as people are picnicking. People will need to bring a map and a pen/pencil. I will provide a quiz sheet

    Climbers will be able to combine some or all of the walk with their plans (to gain extra ticks) so I will also be at Stanage Plantation at 10-10.30am with the score sheets.

    Extra points will be given to anyone who goes swimming in Burbage brook. Ticks will be awarded, on photographic evidence , to anyone who goes into a pool with their shoulders under water. No extra points for wellies, but judges whim points may be awarded for glamour, stupid hats etc.

    More about the North Less evening bit tomorrow night.


    *I have heard that a member/s has/have imported ticks from Scotland especially for this occasion, under EU livestock regs I am afraid that this is verboten and will lead to disqualification or worse.

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    Elen Rees

    Sounds good. I’m interested.

    in reply to: Photo Comp date #11366

    Elen Rees

    Just to clarify, the photo comp was going to be on 5th April (first Thurs in month), but this clashed with the extended Scottish Easter meet, we thought it best to move it back a week to April 12th. Thanks for raising the issue Frank and thanks for changing date Andy. Sorry for confusion.

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