Sunday 26th Nov 2017 walk report

8 members assembled at the car Park in Low Bradfield and were soon ascending the hill to High Bradfield .After traversing below Agden Rocher we descended Agden side to Agden reservoir where adjoining benches were utilised for a short T stop.
Moving on we rounded the end of the reservoir,but the meet leader,engrossed in conversation missed the required turn off.Worse was to come when he discovered that he had brought the White, not the Dark Peak, map.Undaunted the meet leader forged a way up the bank through virgin forest to reach the road pretty close to the missed path.
Taking advantage of the new path across Win Hill we were soon by the Dale Dike .This was to have been where I, as meet leader, turned back and handed over Kathy Burgess.However, feeling no hernial discomfort and with Vanda’s assurance that “everything must have healed by now” I decided to continue.
Forsaking the usual reservoir path we followed Hall Lane to the impressive Hallfield mansion stopping for lunch just beyond with panoramic views of Dale Dike,High Bradfield and beyond.
Lunch over we continued to the rather dilapidated and boarded up building named Brogging where one walker looked for a discreet area nearby to relieve himself only to be greeted by a loudspeaker alarm announcing that he had been recorded on CCTV and the police informed!
We sped hurriedly on below the Strines reservoir and turned back for Low Bradfield with increasing showers and some “mudness”to use Martin’s terminology.
An enjoyable round totalling 9.4 miles in good company in generally good conditions-but best of all ,my hernia repair survived unscathed!
Mike Doyle

The Castle, 26 Nov 2017

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