Meet Report Sunday 20th November 2016 Dark Peak Walk

Having been summoned by the President from 3000 miles away, getting home after 9pm on Saturday after an 8 hour flight, a 4 hour time change and the usual chaos at Manchester Border Control, I think it’s safe to say the forecast for torrential rain wasn’t exactly encouraging and a nil turnout wouldn’t have been a disaster!!
However, after battling the snowy roads to Bamford Edge, two of the club stalwarts were waiting to be entertained, fortunately the later start time of 10.30 meant the rain had stopped for a while. In fact, we were amazed that not a drop fell on us throughout the day, indeed, sunshine made several appearances leading to shedding of clothing layers at various points.
Our route was adaptable, luckily [for me] both Sean & Leon had evening engagements, so were happy for a slightly shorter day. We started over Bamford Edge, before dropping off on a path towards Heatherdene car park, followed by a meander through the woods, a death defying pathless descent to the viaduct and eventually via the road to the path leading back towards Cutthroat Bridge. At this point a decision was made to stay on the lower track and lunch was taken before we eventually emerged at the bridge, crossing towards Moscar Moor and Jarvis Clough. After crossing the clough and ascending back to Bamford Edge we eventually arrived back at the cars just before a light drizzle wafted in. My gps said 8.5 miles, Leon’s similar and Sean’s nearly 10. But his is new, so perhaps we’ll go with 8.5. A few pictures on Facebook.
Thanks to Leon & Sean who made getting up early worthwhile.
Paul Gibson

Castle Mountaineering Club's photo.
Castle Mountaineering Club's photo.
Castle Mountaineering Club's photo.
Castle Mountaineering Club's photo.

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