Meet report, Hartington walk Sunday 27th Nov 2016

An amazing 20 of us started from the pond area in Hartington.!! Quite a few regular walkers found footpaths they had never been on. The weather, after 10 mins of drizzle turned into shafts of sun highlighting distinctive peaks.
I was so pleased to offer lifts, as Chris noted on arrival at my house, that I had a flat tyre! So she kindly agreed to take us. Then Leon lent me his poles as I had left mine handily in the boot of my car! Hugh looked longingly on as at tea break I offered Leon as many figgy biscuits as he wanted. Hugh said he liked figgy biscuits, but as he had insulted me as usual, I said they are nice aren’t they! Lunch in Hartington by the pond for most, 2 nipping for sneaky cake and hot choc.
I had not reccied the southern loop, but this was well known. We did nearly lose Mary at the toilets. We thought she was taking a long time, and waited. Then sent Marian in to check, she had gone! Someone spotted her trying to escape from us and beckoned her back.
Not sure what Pete’s daughter made of us all. Andrew described the squeeze in the cave en route as a tight fit when he was a skinny 10 year old which discouraged anyone from trying…shame.
Thank you for your company. Cheers Linda.

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