Meet report Red Brook scramble/walk 3 Nov 2019

I was very pleased that we had 10 people, no dogs or other pets, for my first meet as leader. The weather was OK, no rain at all but a bit cloudy. We saw a cloud inversion on the way there over Hathersage.
We set off at 10 o’clock but weren’t sure if it would be possible to get up Red Brook because of all the rain on Saturday, but it was quite alright.
I soon got wet feet when I jumped into a stream by accident, but soon everybody else got wet as well. When we got into Red Brook it was very slippery in some bits, but we all got up with a bit of help.
At the top there were no views because of cloud and it was too windy to stop so we went down hill for a bit for lunch. Later on we went through a field full of cows who ignored us. We stopped near the end for a sit down on two benches. When we got to the car I realised I’d left my walking pole at the benches so I had to run back and get it. Then I looked at the Tresspass memorial and learnt all about it.
Thank you to everybody who came. There are some photos on Facebook from Chris and Jo. Grandad Paul will put some more on later.
Jaycee-May Gibson x

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