walk from Millthorpe – Thursday 26th June

Jun 26, 2014
Another walk starting from Millthorpe, but a different route from the very wet one I led in January. This time we did a long loop south through Rumbling Street, Oxton Rakes and Pratthall towards Linacre reservoirs before heading back again through Barlow Grange, Moorhall and Unthank. As usual, there was no previous recce of the walk, so the unexpected delights were a surprise for all of us – some very beautiful and obviously extremely expensive houses [one complete with a strutting peacock on the front drive] a drinking trough for cattle, away from any houses, with goldfish swimming around in it, flower-filled meadows with orchids and iridescent-blue damson flies, and the sound of kestrels and a yellow hammer. There was only one slight ‘deviation/detour’ when we initially ‘ignored’ the correct stile [although there had been several unnecessary offers of help from complete strangers early on, when I’d just been checking the map. As one of our party of five was heard to comment: “We’re not lost – yet!”]
Duffy the dog kept us all nicely together, but occasionally caused us some anxiety when going through fields of overly-interested cows [and for me personally, there were also too many fields we had to cross containing very large and friendly horses]. The weather was good, and likewise the views, especially from the high point of Grange Hill near Barlow Grange. Thank you Sean, Caroline, Dave and Sue for your excellent company. Distance approx. 7 miles over 4 and 3/4 hours.

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