Report on Sunday 16th January 2022 walk

Five of us gathered in Monyash carpark at 10 am on a slightly misty morning, before heading out on initially familiar paths and tracks, to join the Pennine Bridleway heading northwest, south of Pomeroy and under two bridges [not marked in my White Peak map book, for some reason]. After crossing the main A515 Buxton to Ashbourne road, we then walked along unfamiliar tracks with distant views out to the east, meeting quad bikes, cyclists, joggers and dog walkers. Skirting the Sough Top trig point, we dropped down towards Taddington, looking for a suitable lunch spot out of the cool wind. After lunch, on the southern outskirts of Taddington where 5 footpaths meet [always a confusing challenge on an un-recced walk] we were rewarded after opting for the unknown one, by discovering a shelter donated by a baron for the locals to enjoy a nearby playground, and a natural well with surrounding protective wall. The sun came out for the muddiest section of this walk, as we headed south back towards Monyash, joining Wheal Lane above Deepdale and then across fields and numerous stiles [which seemed to get higher, more slippery and with bigger drops each time, or perhaps we were just tiring] back to our cars. Thank you to Mike, Chris, Gavin and Lin for your company, and a special thank you to Chris for her GPS when there was uncertainty of our exact whereabouts. The walk was somewhere between 10 and 11 miles long, completed in just under 5 hours.
Vanda Boyd

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