Anglesey meet report:10-11 September 2002

Saturday saw 11 members of the club rendezvousing at the campsite. Two visiting for the day and one delayed arrival. Two teams went off climbing on Castle Helen and Holyhead mountain. A figure of eight walk planned from the campsite to allow the delayed arrival to join in. The weather Gods were smiling on us on the Saturday; however, it seemed that the traffic Gods had gone away for the weekend causing the late arrival and ensuring the journey back on Sunday took 5+ hours to complete.
A Barbeque on the evening went on into the dark, mainly because the Holyhead mountain climbers didn’t want to leave the crag while there was enough light to keep climbing,
Sunday morning was bright and warm, but it was going to rain at some stage (well it is Wales). Forecast said between 10.00 and 2.00, depending on who’s phone you look at. The Holyhead mountain climber decided to go back and tick off a few more of the excellent routes on offer.
The remaining Party decided to drive to Wylfa head and take in the views of the redundant nuclear power station and walk along the coast towards Cemaes Bay as far as Llanbadrig Point, taking lunch in the shelter of the church at T’y n-llan.
Trying to keep the group walking was proving hopeless. Bushes along the way were systematically stripped of all their fruits and when the beach was reached at Cemaes they ripped off their clothes and threw themselves into the Irish sea! The only way to stop them swimming back to Wylfa was the promise of a cafe stop. Cemaes didn’t disappoint because the tearoom was excellent. Trying to get them out of the tearoom was also proving difficult and some members of the group were becoming visibly distressed by having to leave without tasting the marmalade cake!
Arriving at the church saw the first rain drops. After lunch we took a more direct route back, taking waterproofs on and off several times along the way,
Thanks to everyone for coming. hope to see you all again in Anglesey .

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