Wye valley weekend, 6/7th Aug 2016, report and hit list!

What a great weekend. Thanks for the good company round the campsite and on the crags. Decent limestone, not very polished, even the classics. Entertainment was also found on the water. Dave C brought his blow up canoe, and Marianne was willing to try something new!! Ask them about their exploits!!!
Leon suggested Symonds yat for Saturday. David and I have had little luck there previously but the new guide explained why. One of the VSs we tried then, was now E2 5c!, Another was upgraded to E1 …..Loved the place this time and cherry picked clean and good lines.
Stayed down until Thursday and as no rain, climbed every day!
Below is a hit list of our favourite routes in each grade that we have done in the last couple of years. VD to E1. What are yours? Time for another visit??
Shorncliffe=sh, Windtours Leap=wl, Wyndcliff=wynd. Symonds yat=sy.
VD. 1. Central route 111, 68m, wl. 2.snoozing suzie,40m, sy. 3.Acoustic, 20m, sh.
4. Bottle buttress 75m, wl.
S. 1. Central rib route 1, 68m, wl. 2. Joyces route 15m, sy. 3. Golden fleece 24m, sy.
4. Vertigo, 15m, sy.
HS. 1. The Phoney Wars,24m, sh. 2. Johns route,60m, wl. 3. Zelda,55m, wl. 4. Indecisive
Victory, 15m, sh.
VS. 1. Whitt, 37m, sy. 2. Cadillac 30m, Wyndcliff, 3. Nibelheim, 87m, wl. 4. Heavy plant crossing,
17m, sh.or iron curtain,sh. or exchange, 24m, sy.
HVS. 1. Red rose speedway, 32m, sy. 2. No muskeeters, 28m, sh, 3. Laughing cavaliers28m, sh
(and all the other routes on this wall!!) 4. Tigers don’t cry, 18m, sh.
E1. 1. Motion pictures 21m, sh. 2. Side effects, 20m, sh, 3. The bone, 18m, sh. 4. Stress arete,
23m, sy.
E2. ……….next year?????
Good night! Linda.

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