Tick Fest – Sat 30th June 2018 – report

Meet report.
A mixed day of enormous effort and some chilled relaxation on a very hot day.

The prize for effort goes to Linda and David who climbed 10 climbs, the initial letter of the climbs spelling out Tickety Boo. They also wore bikini bottoms on their heads. Strangely Julian was not too embarrassed to climb with them. They were joined by another super duo Kari and Dawn who cycled, swam and climbed (7 routes I think). This team surely won for their massive effort. They were joined by silent partner Charles.

A mixed team of cyclists, walkers, swimmers and a climber, Chris, Bill, Marianne, Marian and Sean probably got more on points, but the scoring system was so (deliberately) complicated it was impossible to tell.

Andrew and Ali brought along Lisa (fresh blood) and did good too, cycling and leading a breakaway swimming group to the lovely Barbrook Reservoir .

An evening BBQ where I failed at trying to engineer equal points for all, but John saved the day with his quick quiz where Charles showed his knowledge of Mountains. Then a quick round of stick the blood clot on the tick (Sean was best) before bed.

Big thanks to Kathy and John for tent and tea and all things practical , Mary for the bike ride plans and tick sheets, and Vanda and Paul for the loan of the gas bbq.

Thank you everyone for taking part and a great social, Chris I hope you haven’t suffered after your impromptu dip into Burbage brook

Big PS. Ali launched the Presidential Challenge. More later.

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