Photo Competition

2024 Photo Competition

(For previous years, click on the year: 2023 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2012; no competitions were held in 2020, 2021 and 2022 because of Covid-19).

All entries were shown in the Clubroom on Monday April 22nd, with comments from our new judge Andy Emery, a retired professional and experienced travel photographer. He complimented members on the standard of entries, saying that he would have been happy to take any of the shots. Many thanks to Andy for his time and comments.

The Shield has a new name on this year, congratulations to Andrew Milne for a comprehensive win.

The winning entries in each of the 4 categories were:

Action – First – Paul Embley – Barranc del Infierno, Costa Blanca

Action – Second – Andrew Milne –

Action – Third – Dave Crowther – Walking above the Gallinera valley, Costa Blanca

Pictorial Abroad – First – Chris Huxham –

Pictorial Abroad – Second – Mike Doyle –

Pictorial Abroad – Third – Andrew Milne –

Pictorial UK – First – Andrew Milne –

Pictorial UK – Second – Sue Miller –

Pictorial UK – Third – Mike Doyle –

Nature – First – Frank Mellor –

Nature – Second – Chris Lunn – Mandarin ducks above the river Derwent

Nature – Third – Steve Warwick –

Also commended were :

Action: Andrew Milne (x2), David Pendlebury, Steve Leather and Linda McLeish

Pictorial Abroad: David Pendlebury, Linda McLeish, Ali Milne, Frank Mellor and Andrew Milne

Pictorial UK: Paul Gibson, Frank Mellor, Sue Miller, Marcelina Morca, Chris Huxham, Andrew Milne and Dave Crowther

Nature: Chris Lunn, Linda McLeish, Dave Crowther (x2), David Pendlebury and Andrew Milne