Photo Competition 2017

The competitive categories and winners were:

  • Action (1st Simon Marks; 2nd Simon Marks; 3rd Mike Doyle; 4th Martin Whitaker)
  • Pictorial UK (1st Simon Marks; 2nd Paul Gibson / Simon Marks; 3rd Simon Marks; 4th Tina Wilkinson)
  • Pictorial Abroad (1st Rosy Smith; 2nd Simon Marks; 3rd Linda McLeish; 4th Dave Crowther)
  • Nature (1st Simon Marks; 2nd Gordon Tyrrall; 3rd Frank Mellor; 4th Mike Doyle)

Plus (non-competitive) Club Interest (Martin Whitaker)

So the Shield deservedly went to Simon Marks, the overall winner, for all his brilliant photos.

Action Category

Action 1st Simon Marks. “Runner was taken with camera and tripod on 10 second timer delay at Burbage Bridge in the Peaks. It took about 5 takes to get it right.”

Action 2nd Simon Marks. “This was also taken on camera with tripod with 10 sec delay and rapid burst enabled to capture the right moment. (Giving away all my secrets!)”

Action 3rd Mike Doyle. Surfer Mackenzies Bay ( adjacent to the famous Bondi Beach) Sydney.

Action 4th Martin Whitaker. Taken at Quartz Vein Zawn, on The Range, Anglesey; Pat completing the First Ascent of a new route, which we called The Corridor Of Uncertainty (Severe).


Pictorial UK Category

Pictorial UK 1st Simon Marks. “Storm brewing was on the walk out from Shenavall Botthy, Fisherfield, Scotland.”

Pictorial UK Joint 2nd Simon Marks. “Trees with An Teallach behind was taken in Fisherfield Scotland, south of Shenevall Bothy.”

Pictorial UK Joint 2nd Paul Gibson.

Pictorial UK 3rd Simon Marks. “Sunrise on the frosty morning was Laughton-en-le-Morthen church on a bike ride.”

Pictorial UK 4th Tina Wilkinson. Lawrence Fields Millstones.

Pictorial Abroad Category

Pictorial Abroad 1st Rosy Smith. Sarkofagen Mountain, near Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Pictorial Abroad 2nd Simon Marks. The Dolomites looking out from the Sass de Stria/Hexenstein.

Pictorial Abroad 3rd Linda McLeish. Sierra Bernia sunset. Moraira, Costa Blanca, looking towards the Bernia Ridge

Pictorial Abroad 4th Dave Crowther. Inner Dolpo trek, Nepal. Over the Shey La on the descent to Namgung, c 5000m looking N.

Nature Category

Nature 1st Simon Marks. “Raven / Chough. It was taken on the summit of Punta Ana in the Dolomites.”

Nature 2nd Gordon Tyrall. Great White Shark off Gansbaii, South Africa

Nature 3rd Frank Mellor. Swallowtail butterfly. Photographed in Haute Maurienne, France

Nature 4th Mike Doyle. Tree fern in the Blue Mountains ,New South Wales.

Club Interest Category

Club Interest 1st Martin Whitaker. Charles Knowles and his lane.