New Year’s Day 2023 Walk & Dip Report

Fifteen set out from Baslow on the first day of 2023. Wet and blustery showers accompanied our ascent to Wellington’s Monument – which we decided was not worth the visit due to the conditions. Visibility was very limited at this point! jInstead, we opted for the shelter of trees and descended steeply from the edge to a woodland path. At this point, the only person who needed to heed my warnings of wet and slippery slope was myself – as I promptly fell over twice! The journey continued down through the woods to a wild beck in full flow;. A heron appeared at the bridge crossing and photo opportunities beckoned. After crossing the A621 we began the ascent to the rocks of the “Three Men” but halted at a gate for a coffee and five minute snack. By the time we emerged at the road crossing near the Robin Hood pub the rain had, at last, stopped. Even a few patches of blue sky became visible. We then followed Dobb Edge and enjoyed the clear views out over Chatsworth and beyond. Past the Hunting Tower, we headed for Emperor Lake. Three of us then went for a very quick dip into the water and managed a 60 second swim simulation – the hardest bit of this venture was then getting changed in a biting wind. After hot drinks and quick bite to eat we then headed down the steps and across the estate back to the cars . Four of us then warmed up in a cafe . About 8 miles completed. Thanks to everyone who came.

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