Meet Report 5 Feb 2017 – three plane wrecks and Yellowslack’s Brook scramble.

Four of us gathered on glorious sunny Bleaklow, with smatterings of
snow. Ascending Aston Clough we found the remains of a C-47 Dakota,
crashed in 1945, strewn up the clough . Followed by a little mound of
melted metal at the site of a Lancaster bomber on James Thorne, also
crashed in 1945, shortly after the war. Descending below Yellowslacks
we scrambled up Yellowslacks Brook, bypassing one large waterfall and
side stepping a second, leading to a set of delightful, but slippery,
rock steps [recommended re-ascent in the summer] Across the moor to
Higher Shelf Stones and the biggest wreck in the Peak, a
Superfortress, RB-29A – crashed in 1948. A short hoof across the bogs
to Herns Stones and Bleaklow Head, then back down the Pennine way –
overtaking three lads who thought they were on the way to Torside. A
good varied day.

Geoff Nichols

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