Guidance for Thursday walk leaders

  • Each walk needs a named leader and deputy on the rota.
  • The leader needs to keep a list of those attending and must keep this list for 21 days for contract tracing purposes.
  • The leader must also complete the BMC risk assessment form. For insurance purposes this needs to be kept for three years. Andy Smith will put each risk assessment on the club website in a secure place where it will held electronically. Therefore leaders must send Andy a copy electronically or let him have the paper copy for scanning.
  • Leaders will post walk details on the message board as usual.
  • When participants book online their names will be sent to the leaders email account.
  • If there are more than twelve participants the leader will need to co-opt a walker to lead a third or fourth group and let them have details of the walk.
  • The leader is to organise the groups and plan how to keep the groups apart.