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    THURSDAY WALK 29th September
    Our party of ten set off in mild conditions up Padley Gorge with the first notable point of interest being the three money trees.
    Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees but over time many low value coins have been hammered in dead tree trunks.
    At the top of the gorge we walked beside the babbling brook, also known to some as the Sheffield Riviera due to the fact it’s the nearest paddling area for families to Sheffield. The forecast 25mph winds hadn’t materialised so it was then pleasant walking along the left hand side of the Burbage valley to the summit of Higger Tor. From here we descended past Toothill Farm and stopped for lunch in the graveyard at Hathersage church. One of our number was heard to comment ” don’t stop here too long as you might be a permanent feature” so we duly departed down through Hathersage and back to Grindleford station via Harper Lees, the banks of the river Derwent and past Sean’s childhood playground. His parents old house being near the Chapel up from the old mill.
    Some of our team then enjoyed the delights of “tea and stickys” at the station café.
    A really enjoyable day. Thanks to all for your company and camaraderie. Pete

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