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    Elen Rees

    Park in free car park Eyam (opposite the Eyam Museum) SK216 767 ready to wheel at 10.30am
    I have arranged a “private viewing” of Hannah Bennet’s sculpture garden in Eyam to start. This will give us some buffer time as Linda and David have an earlier appointment.
    When all ready the ride will go up (at a walking place) to Sir William Hill and stay high through Bretton, the Hucklows to the A623. Then back via Hargate Wall and Wormhill (where we will have a lunch stop to look at (the canal engineer) Brindley’s (he was born in Tunstead) well and to pass judgement on whether the Victorians have enhanced or ruined the medieval chapel of St Margaret’s. Then lovely down to the Monsall Trail and eventually last up to Longstone Edge (at walking pace). Once the views have been admired it is almost all downhill to Stella’s Kitchen for ginger scones or cake and tea /coffee and maybe a burst of Happy Birthday (Elen to treat all) and back to Eyam for c 4-4.30ish in time for Mike to get to his wedding anniversary celebrations.

    All on road apart from stretch of Monsal Trail. 25miles ish 1000m of descent. Bring a light lunch as we won’t get to Stella’s until 3-3.30pm

    Alternatively meet at Hannah’s Sculpture Garden
    Hannah’s garden is at: The Barn Off Church St, Eyam, Hope Valley S32 5RA. As she is not open on Wednesdays there will be no sign out. Directions: As you are coming down from the free car park towards the village centre, pass the school on your left and almost immediately after there is a No Through road with modern houses (Glebe Park). Hannah’s in on the R soon after you turn off. It is a converted barn. Our bikes will be parked there. We will be there until c 11.15ish. There is a £2 admission which I am happy to pay for everyone. It goes to Chesterfield Neonatal unit

    All welcome including any who just want to come to sculpture garden or Stella’s.

    PS It is a mid term, small fry birthday so no need to dress up, (Bill won’t)


    Dick Murton

    Is Bill really only 15??

    I went through Eyam today. The shortest route in from the 623 (the B 6521) near Stoney is currently closed off for roadworks or similar, so this leaves the routes in via Foolow or via Sir William Hill road from Grindleford only. No indication of how long the road is going to be blocked, so assume it will still be closed next week, and most people will need to allow a little extra time to get there.


    Paul Fidler

    I walked through Eyam about a year ago and the B6521 was closed due to subsidence, but was still passable on foot. It was closed from the village for about a kilometre to just above The Manor House Stoke. probably worth a quick look to see if it’s still passable on foot. Hope that helps. 🙂


    Stephen Warwick

    The section of the B6521 from Grindleford to Eyam is still open for pedestrians and cyclists

    Steve W


    Elen Rees

    I suggest that the cycle ride begins at 10.30 at Hannah’s sculpture garden. This way I leave where to park to you. Options are the free car park in Eyam, somewhere around Stoney and Horseshoe Quarry area, giving you a bit of a grind up to Eyam , either up main road or the back track from Stoney Village. Best bet is on the B6521 from Grindleford. I think there is parking just by the blocked off bit and maybe before. This will save a hill climb. The road is easily passable by bike . Maybe car share is an idea. So far: Linda, David ( leaving later), Mike D and Dave C from Sheffield and Dick, and maybe Lin from Chessie.
    Why is nothing easy!. Thanks Dick, Paul and Steve for info.

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