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    The day dawned white with a generous covering of snow and if it hadn’t been for the generosity of Dave C’s lift, the leader would have been absent, thank you Dave.
    Nine intrepid souls arrived through the mist and snow and slithered onto the car park at burbage. Off we went down towards Burbage Bridge. Through the mist we gradually saw three people and Poppy coming up the hill towards us, so now we were 12 plus Poppy.
    It was wet and dull and we arrived at Longshaw where we celebrated coffee with picnic tables, loos and real coffee was also on offer in the cafe. On we went through Longshaw, crossing the road and taking the path next to the river back up towards Burbage Bridge.and gradually things brightened up. When we stopped for lunch on rocks just below the bridge the sun came out and completely changed the day.
    The leader was a bit concerned because of the snow and bogginess of the next section so decided group consultation was needed. This was successfully achieved without hesitation, deviation, repetition or raised tones and thank you for the contributions.
    After lunch on our diverted route, which was dry and still snowy underfoot we walked up over Higger Tor in lovely sunshine with glorious views. We walked about 6.2 miles, a little more for the three members and Poppy who then had to walk back to their car parked at Burbage Bridge. Thank you everyone for coming, and thanks for your generous comment Pete.

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