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    After some last minute shoe lending, six set off from Elton under clear blue skies. An early exploration of William Hill Quarry was made, where, we learned, local lad Mick Andrews trained for his many successes in motorbike trials in the 1970’s. Still a venue for some precarious looking climbs, it is little used today. After some open fields on an undulating path with fine views we rested by some rocks, overlooking Bradford Dale. A steep descent led to a delightful path by the river. Our resident bird watcher John patiently pointed out a wide variety of visitors including: buzzards, long tailed tits, robins, dippers, moorhens, coots and wrens. At a bridge we encountered a poem carved into stone and further along a designated swimming area, near Youlgreave, which became the site for lunch, A climb up a hill along the Limestone Way and a contouring track through a wood, deposited us onto a quiet lane. A slight detour to a stone circle led to a quick lament to try and gain energy for the impending drizzle. The towering formations of Robins Hood Stride added to the atmosphere. Next came the Hermit’s Cave, at Cratcliffe Tor, where we spied out his sleeping ledge and 14th century carving of a crucifix. Another steep down and muddy up, punctuated by the sighting of a greater spotted woodpecker, eventually led us back to Elton churchyard. Approximate total 7 miles. Lots of variety and points of interest and as ever gerat company – thank you.

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