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    John BarnardJohn Barnard

    Approximately 22 members Zoomed into the virtual clubroom last Thursday evening, following several test sessions earlier in the week. The gathering included some members who hadn’t been on any meets, and certainly not in the clubroom, for a long time. Indeed the enthusiasm was so great that one or two people contrived to be there twice, which complicated the counting of attendees and caused a certain amount of feedback on the sound. Eventually this was dealt with when the meet leader used his dictatorial powers to mute everyone. He then showed some photos of a Keswick meet from 2003, which led to some reminiscences of other activities on the weekend in question.

    All in all, it seemed to be a good opportunity for a bit of a chat and to maintain some social connection in the club. Dave C agreed to lead the next such event, which should be this Thursday at 8.30pm.

    As Her Majesty said, we will Meet again.

    Stay healthy, everyone,


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