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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    13 members assembled at the Snake Inn for a walk to Kinder
    Downfall. It was warm, a bit cloudy at first then sunny. We
    dropped down through the woods, crossed the footbridge and
    walked round to the corner to the bottom of Fairbrook,
    arguably one of the most attractive ways up onto the Kinder
    plateau. The path gradually gained height. After a hour we
    were nearing the top. Above a steeper rocky section, by a
    fence, we stopped for a coffee break and to enjoy the views
    down over our ascent route. There was no water flowing in
    the clough – a consequence of the recent dry spell.

    Elevenses over, we continued upwards for a short distance
    before the clough levelled out. Before long we branched off
    following a system of peat groughs, now mostly grassed over.
    A variety of lines were taken but we all soon emerged at the
    Kinder River which was followed to the Downfall. This was
    predictably busy, and we noted a number of Duke of
    Edinburgh Award parties. We found a delightful ledge
    overlooking the Downfall for our lunch.

    We enjoyed the Pennine Way path along the edge, with great
    views out to the west, before dropping off the plateau down
    to Ashop Head. All that remained was the long (3.5 mile)
    walk down Ashop Clough, paved at first, then a slighly boggy
    section. At the ruined shooting cabin which provided some
    shade, we paused for a tea break. The rain forecast for 4pm
    failed to materialise.

    The final section featured a place where a section of the
    narrow path between the river and a barbed wire fence had
    completely collapsed into the river. To pass this required
    a precarious hand traverse using the fence. More sensible
    members of the party avoided this section by crossing and
    re-crossing the river.

    We emerged onto the road where those in front turned the
    wrong way, apparently wishing to head towards Snake top.
    They were recalled and eventually we all reached the inn
    where we went our separate ways. Some went home, some went
    to have a drink in the pub, and some had to jump start a
    car with a flat battery. 8.2 miles 1440 ft of ascent.


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