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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    12 hardy members set off from Barber booth in the tail end of storm Hector. Plan A was to go up to Rushup Edge then
    across the moor to Brown Knoll continuing on to part of the Edale skyline ridge.
    Due to the winds an assessment of conditions below the Edge resulted in the decision to go for Plan B, a lower level walk.
    Descending we found a sheltered spot next to a stream at Dalehead for our coffee break. We then proceeded through
    Upper Barber picking up the Pennine Way.
    Lunch was delayed until on the way to Edale we found a wall to shelter from the wind.
    On the way down the hill into Edale we came across an unusual sight of a sheep on it’s back frantically trying to upright
    itself. The good doctor amongst us immediately went to it’s rescue followed by the gallant Dave Crowther.
    A medical examination revealed a damaged leg. Dave was about to perform a upturn (new medical term) but the sheep
    was obviously not wishing a human intervention so quickly righted itself. I’m sure the sheep did appreciate the human’s good
    After missing out on both the pubs in Edale (no wonder we struggle for new members!) a loo stop was taken by many in the car
    park – well not in the car park itself of course – in the public loo. (leader bonus points?)
    Suitably relieved we then had a leisurely stroll back to the cars.
    Apart from the wind a most enjoyable walk. Many thanks for the company of those who came.

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