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    Under grey skies and with a hint of rain in the air, a party of nine began the gradual ascent to the Chapel Gate track. Waterproofs were donned by some as we gained height and the rain increased. Others held out until the high point in the track was reached, where we were greeted by a brisk breeze. The skies to the west looked ominous and so we stopped for an early drinks break, before proceeding along the paved path towards Brown Knoll. Loud thunder rumbled in the direction of Buxton but no storm materialised. On reaching the trig point (569m) we paused briefly before continuing, to meet the path from Jacob’s Ladder. To the west South Head and Mount Famine were visible, but the rain increased and we sought what little shelter we could find for a damp lunch break. Identifying Noe Stool, Pym Chair and the Pagoda on the southern edge of Kinder provided a brief distraction from the weather before we began the descent of Jacob’s Ladder. And would you believe it, on reaching the bridge the sun broke through the cloud and under clearing skies and in warm sunshine we followed the path to Upper Booth and the lane to our starting point.
    6.4 miles, and thanks to all who came along.

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