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    Seven of us threaded our ways through the numerous cone barricades west of Ladybower to get to the Snake Inn laybys for today’s walk.

    In glorious weather we took a steady plod up Fairbrook Naze, stopping for a break in rocks just below the edge. Linda had requested a flypast (our last walk here was on one of the Lancaster flyovers above Howden and Derwent reservoirs), and obligingly the police helicopter approached from the north while we were refreshing, then turned tail and headed off north east once she had been spotted.

    Progress west along the edge was delightful in warm sunshine, with a spot of tortoise-riding as a diversion (possible club interest photo in next year’s competition!). Conditions were so nice that we lunched up there too, and were tempted to take a nap.

    Instead, we took a short cut down to some aircraft wreckage that Mike had remarked upon. I was puzzled by what seemed to be two separate jet tailplanes, but on checking it seems that these were the remains of two Sabres which collided in midair in July 1954, sadly killing both pilots..

    This shortcut from the intended route reduced the walk to a bit over 6 miles, but the remaining path down the valley was pleasant enough for a third stop(!) – well, some of us had been out on bikes the day before. In the woods below the Snake we surprised a bird (?snipe?) that flew a short distance away then did a lot of wing-flapping, but departed as Sean got out his binoculars.

    A short walk, but four of us were still glad to enjoy cold drinks at the Snake Inn on our return. The road is closed next week too, and is currently a haven for cyclists – not often can it be tackled traffic-free.

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