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    Avatarmike doyle

    9 members and 1 prospective new member met at Litton on the hottest day of the year to date.
    Initially temperatures were not excessive and we were soon on our way down Tansley Dale and into Cressbrook Dale with its extensive shaded woodlands.
    The usual T break was taken by the roadside beyond the Raven’s Dale Cottages-still in the shelter of the woodlands.
    Arriving at the former Mill,the decision was taken to abandon the high level traverse and the tunnel alternative and to instead take the waterside route through Miller’s Dale.A welcome breeze greeted us with pretty waterside scenes,complete with swans and ducks.The only downside to the route was a number of quite muddy sections, one requiring a precarious walk along the edge of the river.This was successfully completed with no one falling in .
    On arrival at the former Litton Mill we stopped for an early lunch to take advantage of the shade-the majority sitting on the grass by the side of some old sheds,others on the wall above the river and one member opting for a wooden bench with an obliging resident of the converted Mill opening the adjacent parasol.
    After lunch one member elected to rest in the shade (to be collected later by her husband) while the remainder got to grips with with the climb up the open south facing hill to reach Cressbrook village.A short burst in the heat,but helped by the continuing breeze.
    Having passed through the village,the strange path skirting the side of a house in the upper tier, led us through the adjacent garden and into to the woods above Cressbrook Dale.A brief stop enabled 2 members to top up their sun tan cream ,before the wooded section led to the open fields and the return to Litton.
    We arrived back in temperatures of approximately 32 degrees-warm but not excessive with ice cream,tea and beer to round it all off.
    A lovely day in high summer conditions.
    Thanks to all who came.

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