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    Two groups of 5 enjoyed a six and a half mile walk in cool sunny conditions on Big Moor and along White Edge.
    A bleeper system carried by Rosy ensured that the two groups remained 15 minutes apart. Additionally, the wearing of tutus ensured social distancing within each group. Jenks, on his first Thursday walk commented that his tutu has shrunk since he last wore it at the 1997 Christmas Party. We pointed out that he might have got bigger! As a back up, Linda monitored the groups using GPS and ‘counted us all out and all back in again’
    This is the report of the second group. Starting from the road junction near Longshaw’s Wooden Pole good paths were followed to Lady’s Cross where there was plenty of speculation concerning its age and origin. Nearby, three red deer hinds observed but didn’t offer any local knowledge. Bar Brook was followed past the drained reservoir and Bar Brook House to the small reservoir used by ‘wild’ swimmers. There was no sun at this point and even Ali, who would normally be in at the drop of a hat or her trousers, thought it a bit cool. Lunch was taken by White Edge trig point with extensive views both east and west – the Trent Valley power stations could be seen to the SE. White Edge was followed to the Lodge and back to the road. A great place and day for a peaceful walk with stunning views. Thanks to Linda for devising the route.

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