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    Dick Murton

    Meet in Calver, parking near the usual pub approx. GR 240747. Up towards Black Harry Gate above Coombs Dale, around the settlement pond Longstone, and back via Hassop Common. About 7.5 miles.


    Dick Murton

    12 other people were daft enough to think they should allow me to lead a walk. First problem for a few – where do you park to ensure the Derwent Arms flying gazebo didn’t try to double park on top of your car? We set off OK, past the now closed garden centre (a few shedding tears) up the ridge towards Longstone edge, then dropping left with the intention of taking a high level path through the woods above Coombes Dale. 2nd problem – path closed. So an extended trog up Coombes dale towards Black Harry Gate, round the settlement pond beyond this and back down to Black Harrys gate for lunch. Back up the hill and we followed various paths towards Calver, well above the road from Hassop, at last taking a small path marked on our recently purchased 1:25k map. 3rd problem – the map tells lies, although Dr Livingstone (Rob) intrepidly breaking trail did find a couple of signposts indicating a long lost path, eventually leading back up the hill (instead of straight on as per map) where we took, somewhat gratefully the well beaten trails back into Calver. About 8 miles, depending on whose tracking device you believe. Thanks for allowing me to get you “lost” in the jungle. Never entirely trust the maps for a group walk without recceing first. I’ll leave others to make more comments.

    David Crowther

    Thanks for an “interesting” walk Dick!
    A few photos here

    David Crowther
    Andy Smith

    Great walk, apart from . . . .
    The attached map shows our GPS track (red line) for part of
    the walk which included the one-mile-long unpleasant bit.
    We came over Longstone Edge (A) and dropped down the other
    side – steep but OK. All went well until we left the road
    comong up from Rowland (B). There was a footpath sign but
    the way soon degenerated into something between an
    indistinct patb and no path at all.

    We scrambled through brambles, long grass and tree branches, over
    rocks, and minor ups and downs until at point C we left the line
    of the lower contouring path on the map and headed uphill to join
    the higher (theoretical) path, abandoning this too at point D.
    Eventually at point E we reached the top of the edge, joining
    the path dotted green on the map, along the top of the
    Disused Workings, which would perhaps have been easier than
    trying to go below them. From here an easy track led
    back to the start.

    Yes mountaineers should be able to cope with this sort of
    thing easily, but some of us are not as agile as we were 50
    years ago!


    John Barnard

    Might be worth reporting to derbyshire Council ( I did so for a path near Dungworth earlier in the summer (on the equivalent Sheffield website) which was too overgrown to be useable, and it did seem to result in some action to clear it.

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