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    Linda McLeish

    The bunting was out in Foolow for the 13 members, and we set off south towards a bird hide. A few were puffin up the hill as we swiftly made progress. Lots of birds were spotted, mainly by one member who admits to being bald as a coot! He didnt have a heron his head, but was very eagle eyed. After a quick coffee stop at the hide, we continued our pheasant walk to Longstone Edge and across a new footpath for many. After stopping at a stone for a chat, and crag martin having a peewee, the hobby of walking across the moor progressed. At lunchtime stop, there was quite a lot of larking around, and the meet leader as usual spoke out of tern. Maurice admitted to having a book of game birds, and there were hoots of derision and owls of laughter, whilst one or two groused about something or other. I think we are all a bit quackers really, as we like larking around. Where was Robin someone asked.
    Lunch was swallowed, and we moved on to the lovely Ravensdale – actually factual that- and crowed about the fantastic views. One of us was in shorts, and the sparrow legs were noted. The lambs were delightful and one wanted to join us, it wagged its tail. Back at Foolow, a few continued on a second loop up to Bretton Edge, in lovely weather. We were all well choughed!! If you fancy a gander, you toucan do a Thursday walk, dont duck out.
    Linda ( with help from all for ideas for the meet report over lunch! )ps there will be a photo attached, but I cant seem to make this bit work…. thanks Vanda, will get Andy onto it.

    Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

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