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    vanda boyd

    As previously advertised quite a while ago, next Sunday, 10th March sees the Scramble meet take place. Rendezvous at the Mass Trespass Plaque in Bowden Bridge car park (Gr 049869) for a 10.30am start. Bring supplies!
    The main Scramble will be Red Brook, one of the longest in the Peak, but straightforward unless we get a lot of rain. Its mostly escapable if necessary.
    On reaching the Kinder Plateau there are numerous possibilities, more scrambling around Kinder Downfall/walks in several directions, sunbathing etc.
    I did a version of the route recently with Vanda and Jaycee-May which was just over 9 miles, which wasn’t the shortest option, but as JM said, “if an 8 year old can do it, anybody can”. Not so sure about that, took me 2 days to recover.
    Hope to see you there, travelling time appx 45 mins, I can offer lifts for up to 4 if anybody wants one.
    Paul Gibson.

    Chris Lunn


    Myself and jo will be there now I’m back from Scotland should be a fun scramble

    Chris lunn

    vanda boyd

    Currently I am without transport to the meet.
    Unless there is anymore interest in this meet AND an offer of a lift I shall be unable to lead it.
    Currently the weather forecast for the area is fairly grim, which is what is stopping the people I’ve spoken to from going. At present only Chris and Jo have expressed any interest.
    I am quite happy to lead this great trip on a future date if necessary.
    Sorry about this, blame my faulty clutch and Vanda being in the Lakes.

    leon dowling

    Hi Paul,
    I was planning on going, but travelling from Chesterfield.
    If you could please let me know tomorrow teatime if its a go.

    Hugh Dowling

    Hi Paul

    If you think the weather is good enough to still go, I don’t mind giving you a lift.



    vanda boyd

    After consulting individually with all interested parties, due to the rather inclement weather forecast, tomorrow’s meet has been postponed.
    I will look to see where it can be Rescheduled into the busy meets programme.
    Sorry it’s not happening this weekend.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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