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    A route that the leader hadn’t reccied – and it showed!

    A group of 15 plus Poppy set off from the Blue Ball at Worrall and were off-route within 200 metres as the leader missed a turn in the houses. No matter, because the alternative was no longer.
    Things were going well until we needed a left turn past a farm – we took the turn, but it led to an 8 inch deep pool of slurry across the path. The meet leader found a slightly shallower section and went across, glad that he had tight-fitting gaiters. while the rest of the party sensibly took wide detours.

    A second navigational error resulted in a there-and-back-again excursion to the east of Coumes Vale Plantation, and a coffee break was called while the leader found the correct route. The trouble then for a hundred yards or so was that the correct route took a steep slope before ploughing through brambles, while an illicit but much easier path had been forged on the other side of the stream. Those at the back wee able to spot this and take the easier track.

    The rest of Coumes Vale Plantation was crossed with some conferring over maps, then we climbed out to a chill breeze blowing across Onesmoor. Here one member of the party remembered a pressing engagement and took a short cut back to the start, while the rest of us walked up the road then took a slightly late lunch under a stand of trees. Refreshed, we headed down to High Bradfield then picked up the Sheffield Country Walk back to Worrall – with only one minor diversion (errors tend to come in threes…).

    7.9 miles according to Andy’s GPS, so probably about 7 if done cleanly. Thanks to all who came along., hope you have cleaned the mud off by now. Some may even have enjoyed the walk ☺.

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