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    18 of us gathered in Millthorpe on a beautiful, sunny but frosty morning for a repeat of a walk I’ve led before, but going in the opposite clockwise direction and with the addition of some different paths to test my map reading skills. Having to back-track twice near the start to get on the correct path, didn’t bode well for the group’s confidence in the meet leader, but soon we had safely passed through Cartledge towards Common Side and hopefully the meet leader then clocked up a few brownie points, by presenting 5 [!] benches for everyone to be comfortably accommodated, in glorious sunshine, for our coffee stop. Then on above Barlow to Newgate where yet another helpful resident asked whether we were lost, and where did we want to go to, when I’d only stopped to check the map for a possible late variation on the planned route. Hopefully more brownie points were earned for the [exactly!] 1pm lunch stop on a grassy slope in warm sunshine, with Ali briefly entertaining us on the nearby tyre swing. Then onwards through Oxton Rakes with an unplanned route variation, which I should have kept quiet about, but hopefully compensated for by the amazing views. Perhaps wanting to try out a different path back from Moorhall would have been OK if I’d remembered to bring my magnifying glass or bothered to put on my reading glasses to look at the map, but I was convinced the farmer had diverted the footpath [he hadn’t] and didn’t believe the woman when she very politely tried to point us in the correct direction. So in the entailing confusion, a group of 7 headed on a footpath towards Meekfield Wood which hadn’t been in the plan, and others loyally remained with the meet leader as we crossed a number of fields, eventually getting back on the correct track with the help of GPS and compass [thank you Andy, Judith and Pete]. Then it was an extremely muddy lane before 2 handily situated fords for boot washing, to arrive at the car-park, only a few minutes after the ‘break-away group’.
    Today’s distance from 2 GPS’s was somewhere between 8.1 and 8.4 miles.
    Vanda Boyd

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