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    What started out as a misty morning became a very hot day and nine of us set out from Sir William Hill Road. At Nether Bretton some brownie points were lost because the leader led the group through a narrow, vicious nettle attack. We heard people who had climbed mountains, skied off-piste, sweltered in foreign climates, yelping as the stingers got those without full covering. Then the wet bracken helped to sooth as we went through Bretton Clough and on into Abney.
    Our lunch stop was pinched by a group of ladies, however a bit further along we settled down for what became a very quiet, positively meditative companionable peacefulness, we missed our chatty friends, where were you?
    Onwards past once run down farms, now nestling in seductive, mellow stone done-up-ness. Up the steep road and onto Eyam Moor. Still a mile to go in the heat. We made it, thankful to get back, knowing this could be the last of the glorious few days.
    Thanks for coming.
    Marianne and Vanda.

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