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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    11 members gathered in the market square at Castleton,
    a good turnout considering that several regulars were away
    skiing. Unusally, the ladies outnumbered the men. It was
    nice weather, with some blue sky and sunshine – a welcome
    change from some of the awful weather we have been having.
    We headed up Cave Dale, which was quite busy today. We
    overtook one group and were overtaken by another. After
    leaving Cave Dale, though, we hardly saw anyone for the
    rest of the walk. After reaching the 5-way track junction,
    we continued SSW on the Limestone Way. Where the route
    began to rise, a coffee break was called. There was a bit of
    a cool breeze here, not apparent down at Castleton, and so
    we found a sheltered spot in a generous sized hollow next to
    the track. After our break, we continued on the Limestone
    Way as it first ascended and then descended to the Cop.
    On this section of the walk we noticed that the clear air
    allowed us excellent views over Peak Forest to Buxton.
    A bank of snow from the recent wintry weather remained next
    to the wall we were following.

    At the Cop we left the Limestone Way, heading up through
    old mine workings to the track running along the top of
    Bradwell Moor. The view on the other side of the ridge
    was over Bradwell (just below us but not visible from here)
    to the Stanage – Hathersage area. Several queries along the
    lines of ‘When do we get to the lunch stop?’ led to a
    decision to declare a lunch break there and then. We found
    shelter in a old mine working also occupied by the rusted
    remains of an old tractor. After lunch, heading north on
    the track gave us views ahead of the Man Tor – Lose Hill
    ridge and Kinder Scout beyond, before we changed direction,
    walking across fields to the top of Dirtlow Rake and the
    site of the old Hollandtwine Mine. We headed down the Rake,
    and then doglegged across to Pin Dale which was descended
    to Black Rabbit Cottages. It was sad to see that this dale
    has been damaged, with knocked down walls and churned up
    tracks, presumably by trail bike riders and 4×4 drivers who
    use this area.

    Another half mile on a tarmac road returned us to Castleton,
    where we arrived just before it started raining. All but
    two of the party rounded off the outing with tea, and in
    some cases cakes, at the Causeway Cafe.

    GPS distance 7.3 miles, ascent 1270ft.


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