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    Good turn out from 12 club members and four dogs for the season’s final climbing meet. Upon arrival at the cragg, the meet leader remembered what a godforsaken place it actually was, having vowed never to return there when the club last met there in 2015, again on his meet.

    In true Castle spirit though, climbers set to the task of tackling some tricky and tough or their grade climbs, without any complaining about the green rock faces, the lack of sun and cold wind.

    All the while, Burbage North loomed to the north; a promised land bathed in golden sunshine. Before long, the non complaining bunch, decided to make the journey north to warmer rock.

    The exodus almost complete save for Paul and Vanda who were last seen traversing a, hitherto, un-mapped cave system in the depths of Burbage South. The two were never seen again.

    Up at Burbage North, it could have been a summer’s day and the group climbed on late into the afternoon until the earlier setting sun of the shortened day brought proceeding to a close.

    As usual, fun was had by all, mostly, I think.

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