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    The latest guidance from the BMC on lockdown changes is at:

    In Summary:
    Firstly: anyone heading outdoors should continue to be respectful of other users, landowners and local communities. Maintaining good hand hygiene after touching any shared surfaces or equipment is also still very important. Being aware of and trying to avoid popular areas at peak times is crucial.
    From 4th July, the Prime Minister said where it is not possible to stay 2m apart, people should maintain a distance of 1m+ from those outside your household group whilst adopting precautions to reduce the risk of transmission. However, in the majority of outdoor environments, maintaining 2m social distancing at least for the majority of the time should be fairly easy to do and we should continue to try and use this as a general guide where possible.

    Overnight stays and holidays are allowed from the 4 July, so holidays and weekend trips will be possible within England. In addition, two different household groups can meet anywhere – inside or outside – providing they maintain social distancing, but it does not allow larger groups to stay together where members of more than 2 households are involved.

    Avoid public transport if possible, but for those who are committed to this mode, wearing a facemask is a requirement and being especially careful with use of hand sanitiser.

    From 6 July, travel will be permitted into Wales from England but only for day trips. Then from 13 July, it is expected that Wales’ tourism sector will reopen and overnight stays will be allowed again.

    Car sharing: 1m social distancing could be maintained through seating individuals in front and back and on opposite sides, whilst also using facemasks. However, at the current time the response to the BMC’s request for clarification is that this is unlikely to fall within the proposed guidance for the changes from 4 July.

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