How to Convert an Android Device to a Webcam for Zoom etc

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    AvatarRuss Clare

    Handy if you have been using Zoom on an old Android phone or tablet that will not run the latest version of the app.

    After the end of May, Zoom will be available as version 5 only. Ancient, fossilised devices running Android 4 or below will not upgrade to Zoom v5. You could, instead use a computer, but if the video component is important to you it will need a webcam, which are more or less impossible to buy – there’s a national shortage because of the huge surge in popularity of Zoom etc.

    All is not lost, however, as there is an app (there’s always an app!) that converts your Android device into a webcam. Components of the app installed on your PC and device allows your proxy webcam to provide the video feed for Zoom, Skype etc on your PC. Neat, and easy to install (not very technical) – tried it on Monday night, and it works very well.

    If anyone is interested I could send a link to a a short instuctional video.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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