For Whom The Bell Tolls – Thursday walk report 22nd Sept.

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    A party of ten left the cool shade of the trees and was soon wending it’s way along the track through Coombs Farm, in warm Autumn sunshine. After ascending further through Manners Wood we emerged above Calton Pastures to a glorious view stretching from Beeley Moor in the south to Higger Tor in the north, with all the Edges in between. Our descent to Calton Houses was interrupted by a not to be missed opportunity to pick damsons from overhanging branches. The leader gratefully accepted brownie points (bp’s) for this diversion, and the ensuing conversation revolved around whether scrumping was legal, illegal or simply good fun.
    After the mid-morning break we reached Calton Lees and further temptation was laid before us at the car park. Several trees were laden with crab apples but as we had completed less than half the walk it was deemed prudent to leave these alone.
    A pleasant walk along the riverside brought us to a 3 bench lunch stop (more bp’s) with fine views across the river to Chatsworth House. A small herd of roe deer grazed nearby.
    Onwards through Edensor and the long gradual climb to Ball Cross Farm, from where we turned for the Moatless Plantation. A proposal to sit and admire the view was met with unanimous approval (and yet more bp’s), and as we basked in the sunshine we were treated to an aerial display by no less than eight buzzards. Reluctantly we left our view point and descended the sometimes tricky path through Manners Wood to the golf course. In the interests of Health and Safety it was necessary to ring the ‘bell’ to warn golfers of our presence, a task performed by Vanda with such gusto that the entire population of Bakewell were aware that we were crossing the fairway.
    We then joined the Monsal Trail for the final half mile to our starting point. An enjoyable walk of 8 miles, in great weather and with stunning views. The leader’s bp account finished well in credit too!

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