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    AvatarDavid Pendlebury

    What a great day out with lots of members and friends. The meet leader nearly blew it, as she decided to have 10 more minutes in bed after the alarm went off and woke up 40 minutes later!! She arrived 3 minutes early, but brain was definitely not in gear. However, the meet led itself thankfully as we were on very familiar ground for most of the route.
    David, Jennifer and Gordon, doing the 22 mile version were at the meeting point exactly on time, and 8 of us joined them for the 16 (16.6 miles by Andy’s snazzy gps 70th birthday present!), After Frank leading us across a very boggy bit but we all stayed dry footed, we got onto the main approach route for Moscar end of Stanage.
    Vanda joined us at Burbage, having sorted out her builders, Mike was on the phone at regular intervals to Gill about their builders/stove installers. Lunch break at Longshaw was leisurely as we were well ahead of schedule. Smithy looked longingly towards the Fox House for the whiff of beer was in the wind, but resigned himself to a big slab of pork pie.
    JB joined later, having been to pilates. However, his description of a rack they lie on and move along etc sounded like torture or bondage to me!! Views were far reaching, and the early morning mist had lifted. Weather was as meet leader had promised, warm, but not a heat wave, and the predicted met office heavy rain in afternoon did not appear!’
    We cut short Tom, Marian and Gill’s walk, as they were coming out to meet us, so had only managed 10 minutes, but they didn’t seem to mind and walked the last couple of miles making the group swell to 16. Where were Dick and Lin??
    Trig points were climbed in Martin Whitaker Eros fashion by David, and lots of photos on the final 3 ships on the top of Birchens were taken. JB was advised to trim his sails as his trousers were threatening to blow him off the deck of Victory. Lots of banter about ticks in strange places etc must have made Mary’s friend Migs wonder who on earth she was walking with.
    We arrived nice and early at the Robin Hood and a few got in front of Andy for a well deserved drink. Then Dick and Lin appeared. They had missed us by 15 mins but didnt know if we were ahead of them or behind!! The wind must have blowed away the laughter and noise we were making!
    Thank you all for a memorable day, which I nearly slept through!! Linda

    AvatarFrank Mellor

    Thanks for a great day Linda and Dave. I have a picture of the group at Stanage trig point . Is it possible to share it somehow?

    AvatarLinda McLeish

    Yes, if you send it to david or helen, they can add it in the meet report section, and facebook. Linda

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