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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    A couple of tips about using the CMC website.

    (1) If you put your cursor on the HOME menu item in the top
    menu without clicking, you get Thursday Walks page as a
    sub-menu. Clicking this will get you straight to the
    Thursday Walks page rather than having to scroll down the
    Home Page.

    (2) When you login by entering your username and password
    and clicking the login button it may appear that you have
    not been logged in. You have really. Reloading the page
    (icon of 3/4 of a circle with an arrow) will get the
    Welcome panel on the side bar and will see the MMEBERS item
    on the Top Menu. This is a known bug and Digital Nomads are
    working on it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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