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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    In the last couple of days, two members have told me that
    they have not been receiving notification emails from the
    CMC Message Board. I would like to check whether this is a
    more widespread problem so I am sending out this test
    message both directly to members and via the Message Board.
    If everything is working correctly for you, you should get
    two messages in your Inbox: one from me and one from:

    Castle Mountaineering Club

    If you do, please delete both messages and take no further
    action. If you don’t see the Message Board one, look in your
    Junk box and please let me know whether it has gone into
    Junk or if you don’t see it at all. Thanks for your


    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    From responses to my message of 13th October I have
    established that a handful of members (they will know who
    they are) have not been receiving messages from the domain
    For this reason they were not receiving messages from the
    Message Board. After consultation with Digital Nomads, our
    website provider, I have established that the most likely
    reason for this is that at some point those members
    identified a CMC message as Spam or Junk. This was probably
    done inadvertently, assuming that the member affected still
    wanted to receive CMC emails. I won’t go into the technical
    details (though I will pass these on to anyone who is
    interested) but the result is that if you do that, you will
    be banned from receiving any more from the CMC. Digital
    Nomads are able to reverse this ban if requested and this
    has been done for those members currently affected by this
    problem, so they should receive this message.

    The two points to remember are:

    (1) Take care not to mark any CMC emails as Spam or Junk.

    (2) If you become aware that you are not receiving messages
    from the Message Board, let me know so that I can notify
    Digital Nomads for them to rectify the problem.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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