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    Dick Murton

    A I have the misfortune to administer the Zoom account for the AGM –

    Please note that when logging on, where more than one person is joining the meeting, please sign in as both people, e.g. Dick & Lin Murton or alternatively as Dick Murton + 1, to make it clear that more than one person is attending. At least one surname is necessary to allow me to tot up the total attending.

    When votes are required (and It is thought there will only be one), it seems possible to only have one vote per PC. Zoom has the ability to identify in reports which PC voted which way, so it will be assumed that where two people are logged on, then both votes are cast with the same point of view, e.g. Yes, No, Abstain.

    These records are available for a limited time only on Zoom, after which they are deleted, unless I delete them earlier – which I will as soon as we have got the relevant information.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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