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AvatarLin Warriss

Walk report – Ten of us met to set out along the top of Chatsworth in fair weather with good views. The recent rain had left lots of puddles which were enjoyed more by Poppy than the rest of us. A brief stop was made at Hob Hurst’s House. The bog somewhat surprisingly appeared dryer than when I walked it on Saturday, possibly due to some recent excavations. Lunch was supervised by a herd of inquisitive bullocks which crept slowly closer as we sat. The serpentine walk through Stand Wood to the aqueduct was brilliantly navigated by the ever modest Warriss, with not a step wrong, this partially compensated for the failure to locate either the stone circle or the Dobb Edge cup and ring marked stone. We walked back to our starting point along wide trails with only a brief rain shower to mar an excellent walk. 8 miles , smack on. I obviously meandered a bit on the recce.