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    Elen Rees

    What do people think about these two meets
    1, camping weekend away in Forest of Bowland. Climbing, bouldering , cycling , walking. Crags are bit esoteric so maybe good when other areas are busy.

    2. A walk doing Joe Browns orienteering course. When he worked at Whitehall, Buxton he devised an 18 mile orienteering challenge . Insciribing the clues on prominent rocks, buildings etc. I thought it might be fun to do ias a challenge but people could also do half of it. If there is interest it might be good to do some scouting before hand, so if any one was interested let me know.

    Gemma Scougal

    Forest of Bowland -somewhere where I haven’t been for a very long time so always up for somewhere a little different off the beaten track.
    Orienteering course – yes! Happy to help reccy beforehand too if there’s enough people that want to particpate.

    Elen Rees

    I think it may possible to camp in Gorest of Bowland close enough to the Dales if climbers preferred to go there. .

    Joe B. I was thinking that maybe anyone who was interested could scout a couple of “legs”, then those inclined could do the whole 18 mile challenge walk, finishing with a curry/meal in Buxton or the Beehive in Combes. Then we could all join in doing the clues, but someone would know the answer for each leg.
    That way it is a collaborative team challenge and anyone can take part. Further refinements to come I’m sure.
    Gemma I’d love to join you scouting a leg or two, provided we have someone to pass the baton on to?.

    Christine Kell

    Both ideas seem good to me.
    Happy to scout out

    gordon riley

    The Orienteering sounds interesting. I would be happy to help with recce

    Bowland forest is an area I haven’t been to so why not?


    mary reape

    Both ideas sound good to me. Very happy to be part of recce group.

    Matthew Biggins

    Both of these sound great! Forest of Bowland is such a beautiful but forgotten place.

    Happy to lead a loop around Gisburn trail centre (its my favourite trail centre of the lot!).


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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