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    Gemma Scougal

    A date for your diaries! Here is a little information to get you thinking about climbing partners/ helping out on the day/ logistics etc. More info will follow such as cycling routes etc.

    The jist of the challenge is to climb as many of the Classic Rock routes in the Peaks (12 routes over 4 crags) whilst cycling inbetween.  My inspiration came from the Wide Boyz doing this last year (Wide Boys Classic Rock- Cycling Challenge).

    There’s also an Outside article on How to Complete the Challenge.

    Don’t panic – I’m not expecting everyone to complete all 12 routes plus the cycling, hence I’ve made it more accessible by creating the following rules:

    1. You must complete at least 1 climb at each crag.
    2. You may drive between crags but in the spirit of the event, cycling is the preferred method of transportation.
    3. You must complete the crags in order, starting with the Roaches.
    4. You don’t have to climb the routes at the specific crag in a particular order.
    5. Start your watches when the leading climber starts the first climb.
    6. Stop your clock when the last person in the team tops out on the last route.
    7. You can have as many in your team as you wish; teams of 2 will obviously be quicker.
    8. There will be points on offer! Points are awarded to each route climbed based of difficulty, tech grade and height. You will get bonus points for cycling and extra bonus points for transporting your own gear! You will be docked points the longer it takes you to complete the challenge.
    9. Safety: just because the Wide Boyz can solo all routes doesn’t mean you can too! Safety over time please.
    10. Also on safety, you will be tired by the end of the day. Know your limits.
    11. Volunteers will be very much appreciated to ferry climbing gear to the next crag for the cyclists. This could be other climber-drivers.

    Here you can find the Ticklist of climbs.

    I’m adding more information to this spreadsheet as we get closer to the time.

    What you need to do:

    Add your name(s) to the spreadsheet so we know who is coming along and what you’re planning. This will help co-ordinate shuttle cars and volunteers (we need some please!).

    Thanks, Gemma

    Kial Wright

    Just to point out that the email you’ll all have received from Gemma’s original message didn’t contain links (the message board gets rid of these when sending the emails out).
    So please refer to the message on the website message board to access the links to ticklists, cycle route info & registration to make planning and co-ordination possible.

    Gemma Scougal

    Classic Rock-Cycle Challenge CANCELLED due to lack of interest.
    (and it also became news to me on Friday that not everyone could see the sign-up sheet).

    Myself and Kial will do this at another point in time.

    Kial Wright

    Due to this being cancelled with a lack of interest I propose to utilise one of the four venues as Sundays meet.
    We haven’t visited or due to visit Hen Cloud this year so this will be the new meet for Sunday 18th June.
    Meet in the roadside parking at 9am (it fills up early, you will get a parking ticket if you aren’t in a designated parking spot).

    Please let me know if you intend on going.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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