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    Alison Milne

    Hello All

    The Christmas meet is now full. Anyone still interested, let me know places may come available and I can start a reserve list.
    Menu choices for the Saturday evening meal are now finalised. A huge thank you to cooks who have volunteered and been coopted into the kitchen!!
    Everyone who has signed up, please select your choices and please let me know by the end of this week – preferably by email in reply to this, so keeping track is easier.
    You can only have 1 starter, main and dessert per person! Choices as follows:

    1. Meat pate with crackers and salad garnish OR Vegan pate with crackers and salad garnish (V)
    2. Carrot & Cardoman Soup (V)
    3. Squash & Lentil soup (V)

    1. Roast Turkey with seasonal vegetables and gravy
    2. Mushroom, Nut & Prune Jalousie (V)

    1. Home Made Christmas Pudding
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Vegan Chocolate Mousse (V)
    4. Fruit Salad (V)

    Any intolerances or serious allergies please let me know privately.
    Any questions re ingredients etc please contact: Mary re vegan mains, Jo Mason for meat and veg, Lin Warriss re soups, Ali re pate ( don’t know how to put in French accents), Chris Huxham re Christmas puddings, Marianne re cheesecake, Elen re vegan chocolate mousse, Ali re fruit salad.

    Thanks Ali

    mary reape

    Christmas meal.
    Mushroom, Nut and prune jalousie is vegan.

    vanda boyd

    Paul would like meat pate, turkey and Xmas pud. I would like squash and lentil soup, jalousie and cheesecake please. It all sounds delicious!

    Russ Clare

    Meal choices
    Russ: Vegan Pate // Turkey // Cheesecake
    Lynne: Squash &Lentil // Jalousie // Fruit Salad

    Thanks for organising, and thanks in advance to the chefs.

    Paul Embley

    Christmas meal for me, please:
    Carrot and Cardamon Soup
    Mushroom Jalousie
    Chocolate Mousse
    Paul E

    Gemma Scougal

    Meal choices:
    Gemma: Squash & Lentil soup/ Turkey/ Xmas pud
    Kial: Squash & Lentil soup/ Turkey/ Xmas pud

    Thank you in advance to all the chefs!

    Matthew Biggins

    Matt; Vegan Pate, Jalousie, Xmas Pud

    Rosie; Squash & Lentil soup, Jalousie, Choc Mousse.

    Thanks for organising and to the Chef’s in advance!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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