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    David Crowther

    The meet leader arrived in the rain at Low Bradfield car park at 10.30, rather hoping for a stay in the car until 11 then heading home. But no! 3 Castle members were already there and raring to go. No-one else arrived before 11, so off we set up to High Bradfield and Onesmoor in continuous (though not heavy) rain.
    A short walk along the road took us to a decision point – right for a shortened walk or left into Coumes Wood for the full 7 miles – a unanimous vote for the full walk sent us across the field and into the wood. Autumn colours aren’t as advanced as the last time we walked here, and it wasn’t really a day for looking up anyway, so we went through to the track to Coldwell. An offer of a coffee stop under a dripping oak was declined and we carried on down the lane, along the valley and up to the lunch bench at Gate Farm. An attempt at a group photo was foiled by excess water on the phone screen, so we continued up by Worrall school and over to join the Sheffield Country Walk at Low Ash Common. We followed the Walk to Cliffe House Farm then peeled off into the valley back to Low Bradfield. Even the normally-vociferous dog was refusing to leave its shed , and the only other event was the meet leader going A over T down a concrete ramp.
    Thanks to Vanda, Rick and Chris L for joining me on a wet walk that, oddly, we all enjoyed.

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