Thursday walk, 2nd February, 2023.

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    Hazel Laddiman

    Having spotted the Queen and the two corgis (Diamond Jubilee, 2012 mosaic) in Great Longstone bus shelter, eighteen walkers set off through the church yard past oceans of dazzling snowdrops. Through a secret valley and up onto Longstone Edge, we followed green lanes east, stopping for a coffee break to admire fabulous views down over the Wye valley.
    From Bleaklow, we headed back west along a very windy HighRake, past enormous disused quarries up onto the wide open space of Longstone moor. Following more green paths, we meandered around disused mine shafts, cairns and hardy looking sheep to our welcome picnic spot, nestled in a pretty glade of trees, where unfortunately the wind decided to join our party too!
    Down hill out of the wind, through bright yellow gorse via Dale Farm and Moor Lane we arrived home, no lost hats and not a cobweb left in sight.
    Thank you for good banter as always.
    Just over 5.5 miles.

    David Crowther

    At the high point on Longstone edge

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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