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AvatarDick Murton

Report for the walk.
19 plus two dogs set out from a carpark underneath Win Hill in somewhat gloomy, but improving conditions. A gawp at the low level in Ladybower reservoir (how long before the overflows will be in use again?) before crossing the dam and then following the permissive footpath up towards the north end of Bamford Edge. Coffee was taken in the relative shelter of a wall, with impressive westerly views across the reservoir and Win Hill. After following the edge until the drop off point, route finding was abdicated to others to find the quarry on the eastern side of the edge, for lunch. A gentle descent down the road, then doubled back across fields into Bamford, where we crossed the river at the stepping stones. Superb reflections of the cottage and plants by the pooled river in, by now, brilliant sun. If we were still using film instead of digital cameras, Kodak would have made a fortune that day. And so back to the cars. Strangely, no-one fancied extending the walk up the well known muddy path to Win Hill. 6 miles. Thanks everyone – especially the person who arranged the weather.