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Crowden Meet Report 2nd July 2017

Saturday – John, Kate, Hugh and Geoff did Coombes Clough scramble in the morning, which had a few entertaining waterfalls. It passed by Millstone Buttress where we looked at the 2 star v.diff – and decided it probably had not been climbed since one of us had last visited, in 1991. Back to the campsite, then up to Laddow in the sun for a couple of routes. Laddow’s loss in popularity since the first World War has accelerated fast. There is no worn path at the bottom now. Long Climb, 3star HVD, was polished, but with lichen in the cracks. North climb was very green. We finished just as drizzle came in. Meanwhile Bill, Ellen and Mary had done Oaken Clough.

Sunday – Joined by Ben, we went to Rollick Stones, on the S Edge of Bleaklow. It’s in the ‘Over the Moors’ guide, but not in ‘Western Grit’. The recommended access via Wildboar Clough had no discernible path, and involved climbing two recently reinforced barbed wire fences. The crag is in a beautiful position looking right down Londendale and we had fine weather. We put the crackle of clay pigeon shooting to the back of our mind – although these bits of clay and shot have to come to earth somewhere. We did routes on Rollick Tower, one of which got close to the guide description of ‘gorgeousness’. We then spilt between Rollick Stones Left – where Ben and Geoff found 4 more routes; and Johnny Rollicks Area. We descended using the approach to Deer Knowl, further East, which was a better track.

Crowden camp site was a good base for a weekend, giving a lot of options; including exploring places new to all of us. It was handy to have a campervan to get out of midges and rain in the evening.

An increase in climbing has coincided with a decline in use of crags such as Laddow; as the ‘long walk in’ has been redefined as the distance from the car park to the wall. This reflects a redefinition of the sport as a whole. ‘Over the Moors’ is a great guide book; a labour of love which exudes enthusiasm for remote crags and wild places. However it is likely that only the most popular routes and crags will get regular traffic, if any, and this has accelerated the decline of the others. Maybe clubs could make the effort to visit some of these with a wire brush and a trowel to make them more attractive – once you get there. Another retirement project for some of us?

Stanage meet 13th August: diverted to Mississippi area. Meet at popular end car park 9.30 [to make sure you can get a parking slot].

CMC Sunday walk 2 July 2017 – Report

Four members met in Old Glossop in lovely sunny warm
weather. A nearby information board reminded us that the
village was the only Glossop until the 1840s when the
present day town was developed. Our aim was to do the
southern section of Stage 4 of the Peak District Boundary
Walk (PDBW).

We set off uphill, soon arriving at Swineshaw Reservoir, the
first of about 6 passed during the walk. Braving fast
motorbikes while crossing a road, and a wonky stile, we
arrived at the quaint village of Padfield. We headed down
Padfield Main Road before passing through a turnstile and
dropping down to Bottoms Reservoir at the end of
Longdendale. The map and description in the PDBW book
differed here and we wrongly followed the route shown on the
map, resulting in an unnecessary quarter-mile diversion.

While crossing the dam and the River Etherow we
noticed an interesting circular structure below the dam
which an interpretation board informed us was a fountain
used to regulate the water in the reservoir (not in use as
the water level was quite low). A path and lane took us to
the busy Woodhead Road which we crossed to reach the village
of Tintwistle. We reached Arnfield Farm and ascended beneath
a line of electricity pylons to reach open moorland. Time
for a coffee break.

Farther on we crossed Ogden Brook on a stone bridge. This is
where an variation of the Stage 4 route heads over the
moors. Still near the line of pylons, and having been joined
by the Pennine Bridleway (PBW), we crossed the dam of Higher
Swineshaw Reservoir. The PBW left us again while the
Boundary Walk pressed on up the hill at the crest where, at
344m asl, we had a new view over Mossley, a town on the
eastern edge of Greater Manchester. A good spot for lunch,
relaxing on the carpet of grass and heather in the warm
sunshine. We pondered our options. The originally planned
ascent of Harridge Pike seemed unappealing. We considered
splitting the party, with two completing the stage to Dove
Stone Reservoir and the other two returning for a car. Our
taxi expert also suggested all of us going to the end and
hoping to get a taxi back to Old Glossop. In the end we
decided not to split the party.

Continuing ahead on the track overlooking the settlement of
Carrbrook, we descended to again reach the Pennine
Bridleway. We had completed 6.4 miles of Stage 4 (nearly
two thirds) leaving 3.8 miles to be done at a future date.
We now circumnavigated Harridge Pike through Brushes,
following the Bridleway back to Upper Swineshaw Reservoir. A
little farther on we encountered a woman with two horses
who had stopped for a coffee break (the woman, not the
horses). She was doing the whole of the Pennine Bridleway
(205 miles from Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire to
Ravenstonedale, Cumbria). One horse was for her and the
other for her baggage.

We now walked back along our outward route, enjoying the
views in the reverse direction. A tea break was taken above
Bottoms Reservoir, and we enjoyed a welcome drink at the
Bull’s Head pub after arriving back in Old Glossop.

13.5 miles, 2490 ft of ascent. A good walk in an unfamiliar


Leaving Old Glossop. Photo: Vanda

One mile from Glossop. Photo: Vanda

In Padley. Photo: Vanda

Through the turnstile. Photo: Vanda

Above Bottoms Reservoir. Photo: Andy

The fountain below Bottoms Reservoir Dam. Photo: Vanda

Down to Ogden Clough. Photo: Vanda

Across the clough and up the other side. Photo: Vanda

Our lunch spot. Photo: Andy

Pennine Bridleway marker. Photo: Vanda

Back at Higher Swineshaw Reservoir. Photo: Andy

On the last leg. Photo: Andy

Swaledale Camping Meet 26-26 June 2017 Report


  • Thirteen people and Scout the dog attended the camping meet at Usha Gap, in Swaledale. We arrived to damp drizzle on Friday evening but enjoyed an impromptu get together in Leon’s caravan for late night drinks.

    Saturday morning arrived with a gusty breeze. After breakfast various parties left for a day out. Three cycled to Reeth and up Tan Hill for a 30 mile round, enjoying two café stops. Another party ascended Great Shunner Fell and battled fairly persistent wind and drizzle across the tops before the descent down the road – stopping off at the buttertubs to take photos in the late afternoon sunshine. They also enjoyed a tea stop in Thwaite. Three Club memebers spent four hours searching for a climbing crag that had been researched online but could not find it anywhere. However they spied it on their return, so all was not lost. Charles and Bill spent a more leisurely day sightseeing. Bill went to a beer festival without drinking a drop (brave man) and also visited a fete in Reeth but left very quickly as he was overage.

    Saturday evening passed with a successful barbecue around Mary’s spacious, new, blow-up tent. Leon took on the role of master chef, aided by Nigel. Elaborate offerings of stuffed peppers, colourful veggie kababs and the usual meat feast were devoured, all washed down with plenty of liquid refreshment although everyone retired by 11 pm!!

    The sun finally made an appearance on Sunday morning and a beautiful clear day followed. The cycling group left for Richmond and a group of four walked from the village of Muker on a stunning circular 7 mile valley walk. The climbers left again on a crag hunt. I’ve yet to hear if they found it. One member from this sub-group had left early morning. (Any news Gary?). Charles headed north to Hartlepool for a cultural excursion.

    All in all an eventful, a very varied and sociable weekend. Thank you to those who came.


Harborough Meet 18 June 2017 Report

Harborough was glorious in the sunshine with a lovely breeze to keep the midges away. Six of us started at the cave area with one person insisting climbing was good post op physiotherapy!! We bobbed up and down lots of low grade climbs and potential new comer David even started leading on his first outdoor meet under Nigel’s care and guidance. Dawn learned to trust those slippy footholds after experiencing limestone for the first time but the heat finally beat us and by half four we were enjoying a cool beer garden and an even cooler beer.

Castle Naze Meet Report 11th June 2017

Good turn out on a massively windy day so Castle Naze not the ideal spot. After initial debate at car parking re venturing up there we braved the elements and went forth. We found John and Kathy, new members already up there leading the way. Perhaps we need to toughen up! As the wind increased some hardy souls remained whilst the rest made our way to Alderney. Peace! However rained off just after 3pm. Cheers to all and I reckon still a good day out.

Sunday walk June 4th 2017 report

The meet leader was the last to arrive at the Birchin Clough layby, finding Ali M, Chris K, Marianne and Sean already there. We were away just after 10, heading down into the woods of Lady Clough. The path beside the stream there is lovely, both in the woods and when it emerges at the NW end.Two culverts under the A57 gave Ali an idea for a scramble, then we had a slightly awkward climb over the road barrier to cross to Upper North Grain. The little-used path took us to a derelict shooting cabin, where we snacked before heading N toward Grains in the Water. We were surprised to meet a walker in this normally deserted section of moorland, but he headed SE while we meandered roughly parallel to the growing Alport stream.
Despite a brief shower, the decision was made to take a longer route involving a descent to the stream, crossing and ascent up the NE side. Another group decision half a mile on not to recross the stream resulted in lunch in the sunshine by the moated Alport trig point, surrounded by cotton grass and excellent views.. On we went to Alport Castles , where light rain started, then down and along the vehicle track until we could take the old Roman road back to the cars. A bout of heavy rain dampened enthusiasm a little, which may be why one member tried to divert toward the Snake Inn. Regrouped, we headed on through the felled plantation to the track back to Birchin Clough and the cars.
Despite some wet, a nice walk in a less-trod part of the Peak. Sean’s magic device recorded 11.1 miles and 683 m of ascent, so reasonable for a Sunday walk including some trackless sections.
Dave C

In Lady Clough

At Alport trig

Report on Borrowdale meet 26-29 May 2017

Due to some non-communication and confusion between the campsite owner couple, we ended up pitching our tents on a delightful and flat area of their campsite, conveniently close to the facilities and a handy stream for cooling beer, rather than her chosen reserved area for us on a distant slope. Having put up our tent in 27 degrees C, the easy decision was made not to go climbing that afternoon, but to flop and act as a welcoming committee for other members arriving later. As requested, those on their own had brought tiny tents, but the meet leader and partner felt justified in their rather palatial 5-man tent with extension [and later an added awning] which provided warmth and protection from the rain for the BBQ on the following evening. Saturday dawned, and whilst two had a relaxing day, ending up watching boats at the seaside, six went climbing at Bowderstone Crag, with a four person ascent of the classic Bowderstone Pinnacle climb, and all six ending up at the Pinnacle itself. Typically the way off was not obvious, so while two abseiled back down the route just climbed, Leon coordinated an abseil for the rest, using a handy tree with abandoned ‘tat’, and the most recent member Ben was volunteered for the first descent to handily clear the jungle canopy for those following. Discussion over lunch at the bottom, of which climb to tackle next, was curtailed by some rain and the rumble of thunder, so no-one disagreed that cold drinks in the nearest pub was the best option. Then it was back to the campsite for the planned BBQ. This was a protracted affair, with Chris H. and Pete offering conducted tours of their newly acquired camper-van, a fashion show of anti-midge garments provided by Paul, Helen, Nigel and Chris H. [definitely best in show!] and just when we thought the food was finishing, even more delicacies came from master-chef Nigel, including asparagus tips [ask someone who was there about ‘post-asparagus pongy pee’!] A misty Sunday morning suggested a low level walk [some went off to hunt for bothies and do some shopping] but once the seven of us had ascended above Seathwaite towards Sty Head, things improved dramatically, so we remained high and returned along the long ridge of Glaramara and Thornythwaite Fell with clear views in all directions. After seven hours and almost 10 miles of walking, Chris K. had pushed ahead in order to provide a much appreciated ‘medical rescue service’ for the last ½ mile on the road for a badly limping and very grateful Paul. Monday morning brought the expected rain showers, so most of us, deciding that the weekend was over, packed away our wet tents and headed for home, some via the shops of Keswick. Thank you to Paul, Mary, Chris K, Helen, Nigel, Leon, Ben, Chris H and Pete for your entertaining and excellent company [and to Chris and Pete for feeding me when I’d run out of food!]. Vanda Boyd

Birchen edge 14th May 2017 meet report

Perfect climbing weather, sun, breeze, and not cold until we were ready to leave. Got to car at 5pm to spots of rain, only Pat and Martin still at the crag, but they did arrive last!!
Great turn out, 25 of us swarmed up the routes, grumbling a bit about how the starts of routes seem to get harder as the soft ground at the bottom gets lower. Scout found a new dog, Molly, to have a mini fisticuffs with, and then went to sleep on the guide book- I have a great photo of the latter, but am useless at posting it!! Andrew turned up with a bad hangover, but the focus on leading soon got rid of that.
Colin and Nez, and Dawn, who we had met at Awesome walls on Friday all came. Dawn did her first rope climbing. Andrew sent Shane up Sail Buttress, and he sailed up it, but got quite a buzz too, well done!
Gordon T had a big fall, but was fine, just shaken not stirred, although he was seen on another route soon after. A couple from Ipswich saw our banner, and have just moved to Hathersage, so hopefully we will see them soon too.
Newcomers keen to climb on Froggatt on Wednesday, weather permitting , so maybe people can post if they are going and at what time. Colin can come earlier- from Nottingham, so he will know what time others might arrive?
Thanks for a great day out, ( and to Pat and Martin for a lovely meal later) , perfect, Linda and David.

Sunday walk report – 7th May 2017

We arrived at Edale station in good time, so an early coffee in the National Trust café was unanimously approved.
Alighting at Chinley we were greeted with warm sunshine, and we were soon climbing steeply up the slopes of Chinley Churn (451m). The path meandered through the site of a long disused quarry before emerging onto the airy summit ridge. The views were extensive under the clear skies. We descended past the interestingly named “Peep o’ Day” Farm before crossing the busy main road. A mid morning break was taken overlooking Coldwell Clough, and as we sat in the sun we were treated to a fly past by a noisy Cuckoo. The path then climbed gradually to the ancient Edale Cross. After joining the Pennine Way we took lunch under the rocks of Swine’s Back, before proceeding past the familiar landmarks of Noe Stool, Pym Chair and the Woolpacks. Before long we had reached the summit of Grindslow Knoll, where we sat admiring the views over Kinder Scout and down the Edale Valley. Our final descent into the village conveniently brought us to the front door of Ye Olde Nag’s Head, where we rounded off a super walk with some liquid refreshment.
Thanks to Marianne, Dave C. and Steve W. for their company over a very pleasant 10 miles.

Muir of Inverey Report, Easter (14-17 Apr) 2017

11 members attended this meet over Easter at the comfortable Muir of Inverie Hut near Braemar which we shared with a party from the Glasgow section of the Red Rope-a convivial bunch.Initial concerns about inadequate numbers of beds were solved by making use of the 2 beds in the “members only” room.Fortunately no members of the owning Cairngorm club attended.
Some members arrived early enough on Friday to do some initial exploration-Steve W & Chris K ascending Morrone ,Braemar’s local peak.Mike D & Hugh D doing a walk from Mar Lodge over to Glen Quoich & back.
Saturday was an excellent day with sunshine ( mostly),snow showers and some wind-but not the forecasted gales.The group split into various parties .Steve W & 4 others did a 16.5 mile round over Lochnagar starting from the Balmoral estate.Sean J and others travelled towards Ballater to ascend the isolated Corbett Morven.The Smiths climbed Morrone while Geoff made it a full mountain day by cycling to Altamour Lodge for an ascent of Beinn Lutharn Mhor and many others !
Back in the hut the group enjoyed a group vegge chile washed down with a plentiful supply of alcohol.
Sunday was less sunny with a mixture of rain & snow showers,but no wind.The group again divided into different parties-many again returning to the Lochnagar area to tackle various Corbets & tops.The Smiths were surprised to find the main summit area had a fair covering of fesh snow which had fallen overnight.
Geoff set off by bike again to tackle Bein Chaorainn & Bein Bhreac.
Mike & Hugh abandoned an attempt on the Stuic ( grade 1 scramble) in quite steady rain and opted instead for the less taxing Carn na Drochaide and Carn na Criche near the Linn of Quoich with a descent of the “Fairy Glen” and a very long return via Glen Slugain .
Another convivial night at the hut followed,which was now less busy after the departure of the majority of the Red Rope party.
On Monday Steve,Mike & Hugh departed for home,but the others stayed on independently for various extra days they had booked independently.
A great meet in an area with so much to offer.
Mike D

Photos by Dave Crowther

From top of Morven, looking NE


Top of Morven (Sean & Jo)

Glen Quoich

East end of Laraig Ghru from Sgor Mor

Photos by Mike Doyle

Chris Kell on Cac Carn Mor

Summit party Meall Choire na Saobhaidhe