Sunday Walk 1st March 2020 -report

7 members and a dog met outside “the Horns” in High Bradfield on a beautiful sunny morning,but with a bracing wind gusting at 50mph.
After an enforced uphill road walk ,due to footpath closures,we descended by the track along the edge of Rocher Wood and then traversed below Agden Rocher.A steep climb then led up above Rocher Head but with the strong south westerly wind actually helping propel us upwards!
Enjoying the views westward we crossed the edge of White Lee Moor and then descended through woods to Broomhead Reservoir,stopping briefly for tea in a sunny clearing.
Broomhead Reservoir led on to Morehead reservoir where lunch was taken by a convenient table and bench-much to the disappointment of another walker who announced that he had set out early to secure the table for his group.
After lunch a steady climb led to Brightholmlee,with some of us stopping to photograph a lone clump of daffodils.The imminent closing date for entries for the photographic competition obviously influencing some!
The curious Glen Howe country park was then crossed with a group photo on the attractive pack horse bridge.
Passing Foldrings and the hill beyond,we then descended into the Coumes Vale Plantation.At this point the meet leader’s suggestion of a deviation from the planned route to reduce the walk’s overall length and avoid an imminent lengthy
muddy section was agreed to by the whole party without exception.
So,the decision taken,we left the Plantation and fought our way to gain the high ground beyond against the full force of the wind.All that was left then- was the descent to High Bradfield.Unfortunately the final section was an absolute quagmire-so having avoided one set of “mudness” we found another probably worse!
A great day with plenty of wind and sun,but ( a rear thing these days) no rain.!
Thanks to all who came for your company.
Mike D

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